July 11, 2010

The invader can’t swim

Let's go to Capetown, South Africa, for this story. It's worth the trip just to meet such a guy as Phil Haggerty, although that's not his real name.
  According to the Cape Times, Phil arrives home in time to surprise a cadre of nine home invaders pillaging his house. When Phil yells, "Police," seven of the invaders run into the wooded area beside his house.
  Phil, being stout of heart, shoves the remaining two into the pool in the patio behind his house. One of the soaked invaders is attempting to climb out of the pool when Phil notices that the other raider is flailing in the water yelling for help. He's drowning!
  Humanitarian that he is, Phil dives into the pool and rescues the drowning invader. Once safely out of the pool, the invader expresses his gratitude toward Phil by pulling a knife and calling out to his nearby raider companions, "Come back -- let's finish the job."
  So outraged is Phil at the raider's ungrateful attitude, he once again shoves the raider back into the pool, this time at the deep end.
  The bad-natured pirate, still unable to swim, begins thrashing about in the water and gasping for air. Phil, a deacon in his church, can't help his benevolent nature, so he dives back into the pool and again rescues the bad guy.
  By the time the pair climb out of the pool the cops have arrived and the drama comes to an end. The score is two saves for the good guy and jail time for the bad guys. Phil simply explains his actions by saying, "The poor guy just needed to be saved -- twice."

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