July 05, 2010

Stolen cargo highlights this trip

Truckers are naturally friendly folks. Some years ago CB radio was popular with the “knights of the road.” CB radio is still used by many truckers to keep tabs on road conditions, but cell phones and thousands of apps have taken the place of CB radio.
The favorite gathering place for truckers still is, of course, the truck stop. There drivers can get a free shower, a bunk for a few hours sleep, and a good rib-sticking meal. Most drivers also enjoy the fellowship of other drivers. Most truck stops have special dining areas cordoned off for “truck drivers only.”
Sam owns his own truck and hauls all over the eastern seaboard. He’s on the road about 60 hours a week, starting on Sunday and arriving back home by late Friday.
On this particular run in March, Sam finds himself driving from Pittsburgh to Miami. He pulls into a truck stop in Rock Hill, SC, for a quick shower and a meal.
Sam is away from his truck for less than two hours, but when he gets back to his rig he discovers that his entire cargo, valued at $28,000, is missing.
Sam talks to people who work around the station to see if anybody saw anything unusual, like somebody unloading his truck! He calls the cops so he’ll have a police report to cover the 6,000 items that have been stolen.
“Describe the items for me,” a cop asks.
“Each one is about five inches long and as big around as your thumb,” says Sam. “You’ve seen 'em in stores all over everywhere. But how in the heck is somebody going to fence 6,000 green highlighters?”

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