December 13, 2009

Not a toy gun

  It’s Saturday night when Dewey walks into the local convenience store with partying on his mind. He shops around the store and finally picks up a six-pack of beer.
  This particular store has been robbed so many times the owner tells friends he runs the local “Stop & Rob.” Because of the history of armed robberies, the owner has built a booth for the clerk which is surrounded by bulletproof glass.
  As our local bad guy approaches the clerk’s booth he places his beer purchase on the counter. When Lucy tells Dewey the amount of the purchase, he pats the front of his shirt.
  “What’s that supposed to mean?” she asks.
  “It means I got a gun,” says Dewey as he reaches under his shirt and pulls out a scratched up .38-caliber snub-nosed revolver.
  “That’s not a real gun,” says Lucy, “I’ve seen real guns and that’s a kid’s toy.”
  “You wanna bet,” says Dewey as he slides the gun through the money slot under the bulletproof glass.
  Lucy picks the gun up and looks it over. “You know, this sure does look like the real thing,” she says. “But you don’t look old enough to own a gun — I need to see some I.D.”
  “What you talkin’ about?” says Dewey as he tosses his driver’s license through the money slot.
  Lucy picks up the phone and Dewey, startled at the girl’s response, turns and runs. About an hour later Dewey calls the store using what he considers a “disguised” voice. “Can I come back now and get my gun and ID?” he asks.
  “Of course you can,” says Lucy, “I knew you were only kidding.”
  A short time later Dewey comes back to the store to reclaim his gun and I.D. As promised, Lucy is there waiting behind the bulletproof glass.
  Also waiting, on Dewey’s side of the glass, are two plainclothes cops. Busted!

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