December 06, 2009

Come to Fantasy Island

  A team of city cops, county cops, deputy sheriffs and U. S. Marshals get together at a Fraternal Order of Police Christmas party and decide to hold a party for some missing bad guys.
  Invitations are mailed out, ads are placed in weekly newspapers, and telephone solicitations are made.
  The invitation list is exclusive. To qualify a guest must be a known criminal who skipped bond, is an escapee, or otherwise wanted by the law.
  These cops call themselves the “Deerg Prize Group.” A closed-down hotel banquet hall is used for the party. The Deerg group announces free prizes including cruises to Cancun, the Caribbean Islands and Alaska’s Inland Passage. Guests have only to show up to claim the free prize of their choice. There are also consolation prizes such as flat-screen TVs and iPhones with pre-paid service.
  The guests come in droves. The cops hosting the party are dressed in plain clothes. When the room is filled the doors are closed -- and locked!
  The master of ceremonies, dressed in a tuxedo, is a U.S. Marshal who steps up on the stage, flashes his badge and announces, “You’re all busted!”
  The cadre of cops are well prepared with police vans as criminal party guests are handcuffed and escorted, one by one, from the ballroom to the waiting fleet of Paddywagons.
   Something none of the guests seemed to realize -- Deerg, the name of the party-givers, is the word GREED spelled backwards.

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