January 10, 2010

Walking home from school


  It’s Lars and Edna’s sixtieth wedding anniversary. The couple, now in their eighties, has just moved back to their old neighborhood. As a special treat, Lars arranges a visit to their old schoolhouse which is about to be converted into an apartment building for retirees.
  Wandering through the aged building the couple finds their old sixth grade classroom. In the attached cloakroom Lars scans the woodwork until he finds an old carving he made in 1939 -- “Lars loves Edna.” Lars captures that nostalgic carving with his tiny digital camera and the couple leave their old school.
  As they walk along Lebanon Avenue, an armored truck is paused at a traffic light. The light turns to green and as the truck vaults forward one of the back doors swings slightly open and a canvas bag falls onto the asphalt.
  Edna picks up the bag as Lars yells out, “Hey, you dropped this!” but the truck continues on without ever slowing down.
  Back at home the couple opens the bag and finds it contains money -- lots of money. $50,000 is the final count.
Lars wants to call the police right away and return the money, but Edna claims, “Finders keepers,” and hides the moneybag in the attic.
  The next day a detective, canvassing the neighborhood, knocks on the couple’s front door asking if they know anything about a money bag that fell out of an armored truck near their house.
  “Don’t know a thing about any money bag,” says Edna.
  “That’s not true,” interrupts Lars.  
  Edna counters with, “Don’t pay any attention to my husband. He’s getting old and his mind plays tricks on him.”
  With his suspicion aroused, the detective turns toward Lars, asking, “Sure, mister, tell me what happened yesterday. I want to hear all about it, from the beginning.”
  Gleefully, Lars begins to explain, “Well, sir, Edna and I were walking home from school yesterday....”
  Turning towards his partner in the doorway the detective says, “Thanks a lot, sir, but we’re outta here.”

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