April 12, 2009

Saved on Easter morning

  This bizarre incident happened on Easter Sunday morning and was first reported by a local newspaper in Connecticut.
  It’s three in the morning and most people in this town are sound asleep — except for the driver of a car who loses control, crosses a lawn, hits a small rise which launches her over two parked cars and a pickup. Then the car clears a set of telephone wires, and goes airborne for some 150 feet, according to Lt. Ira Swindel of the town police.
  Where does the car land? On the roof of Spud Donovan’s house! Actually it doesn’t land on Spud’s roof, it plunges through the roof, demolishes three bedrooms and moves the house an inch or so off its foundation.
  The car comes to rest in Spud’s bedroom with the front end on a dresser next to a double bed. Did I mention that Spud and his wife are still in that bed?
  The noise wakes up Spud, but it’s fortunate that he doesn’t sit up because the car’s undercarriage comes to rest inches above Spud’s face. Rescuers dig the Donovans out from under the rubble. Spud tells police he felt heat from the car’s exhaust.
  It’s amazing that Spud’s wife, Joanne, sleeps through the whole crash episode. Spud wakes her up saying, “Honey, we’ve got company.” Don’t you love it—humor in the face of disaster.
  Lt. Swindel says the couple is lucky because of the large dresser that stopped the car from falling farther. Otherwise, “they’d have been crushed,” the lieutenant adds.
  Luck had nothing to do with the saving of Spud and Joanne Donovan. “It was a miracle,” says Mrs. Donovan. She’s referring to the fact that standing there on top of the dresser, inches from the car’s grill, is a statuette of the Virgin Mary. Happy Easter to the Donovan family, God bless ’em.
  Epilogue: You’ve heard the old adage: “God protects babies and drunks.” The driver of the car, a 20-year-old woman, escaped serious injury. Police arrested her for drunk driving.

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