April 19, 2009

Granny’s luck runs out

  KTRK Television in Houston, Texas, reports that four banks were robbed there in a single day. Two of the stick-ups occurred just across a parking lot from each other.
  According to one cop's report, a woman walks into a Wells Fargo bank and hands a teller a note which says: "Put the money in the bag." The teller tells the cops she saw what she thought was a gun sticking out of her pocket. The teller puts the money in the bag as instructed.
  The lady robber then strolls out of the bank, walks across the parking lot to a Wachovia Bank, and repeats her bank stick-up routine. An employee at the second bank sees the woman hop into a car and jots down the tag number.
  With witness information in hand, police broadcast the tag number, a description of the car, and the lady bank robber. A police cruiser soon spots the suspect's getaway car on Stella Link in downtown Houston. The car is stopped without incident and the woman taken into custody.
  The "woman of interest" is 63 years old, and will be charged with two counts of bank robbery. The FBI in Houston says the arrest of this woman clears two of the day's bank robberies but two other cases remain open investigations. The amount of money taken in the Wells Fargo and Wachovia robberies is not disclosed.
  One more detail. The gun sticking out of Granny's pocket is not a real gun but a plastic toy. Toy or not -- that's still armed robbery. The law says that if the victim is led to believe that the suspect has a weapon, then the crime is "armed robbery," because the threat -- at least in the  mind of the victim -- is real, toy or no toy.


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