February 05, 2011

Call the Cops Book 1 is now available

The first full-size collection of Call the Cops stories is now "live" on Amazon for Kindle or to read directly on your computer. Bob Ford's Call the Cops Book 1 has 30 classic Call the Cops stories, most of them funny and a few that'll make you say,  "Hmmm." Some of my own favorites in Book 1 are, "When do I get to arrest somebody?" and "Caught red-handed" and "That can't be MY fingerprint!" And there are 27 more.

The new Bob Ford's Call the Cops Book 1 is in addition to the
Bob Ford's Call the Cops Sampler, which gives you a ten-story taste. And also on Amazon, you can subscribe to this blog, to get the newest Call the Cops story sent automatically every week to your Kindle or computer. BTW, if you don't have a Kindle (I don't, either), you can read Kindle editions on your computer with Amazon's easy, free, downloadable reader.

Click on the title of this blog post to see all of Amazon's Bob Ford's Call the Cops items.

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