September 19, 2010

Driver training isn’t for everybody

  You've got to admire people who set a goal and pursue that goal even when the chances of failure appear overwhelming.
  Such is the case with Cha Sa-Soon, a 68-year-old South Korean lady who needs a car to run her fresh-vegetable business. Trouble is, she doesn't have a driver's license, nor does she have a clue about how to operate a motor vehicle.
  That's just a small detail in the life of Miz Sa-Soon. She goes to the South Korean Motor Vehicle Department and applies for a driver's license. This is in 2005. She fails the exam which disqualifies her for the road test.
  As I said earlier, this lady is persistent. She goes right back to the DMV the following week and takes the test again -- and fails again. Many people would be embarrassed following a failure of the driver's written test. But not Miz Sa-Soon.
  Each time she returns for a retest she fails -- again, and again, and again. She started taking the driver's tests in 2005. Now it's 2010 and she's still taking the same written test -- and she continues to fail.
  This lady spends $5 million Won (that's $4,200 U. S. dollars) trying to earn the right to take a road test. It's not that the individual tests are that expensive. The problem is she takes the driver's test so many times -- 950 times to be exact. That's more than three times each week for five years.
  So, she finally passes the test earning a 60 out of a possible 100. Sixty is the minimum passing grade to qualify for the South Korean driver's road test.
  Now she's eligible for a test drive. Heaven help the poor guy giving the test. I've lost touch with Miz Sa-Soon's progress with the South Korean DMV, but I'm not the least bit hopeful.
  You'd think one of the guys down at the DMV would suggest that she consider delivering vegetables on a bicycle.

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