August 22, 2010

Madame Cassandra’s mistake

  This is Antonio's greatest challenge. In spite of his really bad situation with the law, he's standing tall. He's the picture of self-confidence. His forehead is bone dry and he blinks not once. He is the Pictionary version of "Mr. Kool." Everybody in the courtroom is wondering: "What has this guy got going for himself?"
  Yes, we're in a courtroom watching Antonio face off with a circuit court judge. Earlier, this 26-year-old drug dealer was offered a plea bargain that would have given him two years, instead of the expected ten years behind bars. But for reasons known only to Antonio, he turns that offer down, refusing to cooperate.
  Why would he do such a thing? The evidence is textbook perfect. Antonio's lawyers know that he will almost certainly get sent up for a minimum of 10 years.
  But the solicitor has promised Antonio a comparatively light sentence of two years in exchange for his cooperative testimony. Antonio's defense team recommends that he accept the prosecution's offer. Antonio's refusal to negotiate borders on pure arrogance.
  Standing in front of a circuit court judge the defendant boldly states: "I will serve no time in your stinking prison. I have it on the highest possible authority that not one of you can touch me!"
  Deputies later learn that the "high authority" Antonio  refers to is "Madame Cassandra," a psychic who promised him that "the pigs have no case. You will serve no time whatsoever — I absolutely guarantee you!"
  Antonio gets ten years.
  Madame Cassandra later tells Antonio she will put a curse on the narcotics officers involved in the case, plus the prosecutor and even the trial judge. All Antonio has to do is pay her an additional psychic fee of $5,000.
  Soon after that message Antonio has Madame Cassandra removed from his authorized visitation list at the prison.

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