November 01, 2009

What’s for supper?

There's a young couple living in Texas who still have a lot to learn about give-and-take in an adult relationship. It's too late now to repair the break-up because the cops got involved in the couple's dispute.
  A few years ago Gordon gave Natalie a diamond-encrusted bracelet and matching earrings. I don't have to tell you how pleased she was with her new sparkling jewelry. She even visited her mother, proudly saying, "Look what Gordon gave me!"
  That was all very nice until the couple had a serious dispute. Gordon got so angry he repossessed the expensive jewelry in a rather sneaky way. He grabbed the jewelry while Natalie was in the shower. Then he took his girlfriend's jewelry to a friend's house and asked him to hide it in his apartment.
  When Gordon got back home Natalie was gone but so were his  exotic tropical fish. Gordon calls the cops and reports the theft of his "pets." A report is taken along with Natalie's full name and address.
  Soon two cops show up on Natalie's doorstep asking about Gordon's missing fish. "Come right in, officers," says Natalie, "I've got something to show you." She leads the cops down a hallway into the dining area where she points to a pair of fish filets on a plate with asparagus tips and a small sweet potato.
  "Are those your boyfriend's tropical fish?" one cop asks.
  "That's only two of them," Natalie responds. "I've already eaten three, but the other two are out in the kitchen on the chopping block. I'm really not that hungry tonight."
  The cops have an interesting dilemma. Although they've recovered Natalie's jewelry, Gordon's stolen tropical fish are not returnable. Do the cops charge the ex-lovers with larceny, or just stamp the case "cleared?"
  Is there a moral to this intrigue?  Search me!

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