August 09, 2009

Baghead’s tactical error

  Late one night Clyde walks into a convenience store. He heads straight for the back of the store where he pulls a paper bag over his head. There's a hole punched in the front of the bag so Clyde will be able to see out.
  Next Clyde -- we might as well call him Baghead -- walks up to the front of the store and tells the cashier, "This is a stickup, gimme all the money."
  Please note that this activity is all caught by a surveillance camera. The clerk looks at the guy with a paper bag over his head and asks, "This some kind of a joke, mister?"
  Baghead steps directly in front of the clerk and says, "I've got a gun!" But as the holdup guy moves, the bag on his head twists a little and he can no longer see out.
  While Clyde is readjusting the bag the clerk tells him the cash register won't open because it's closing time. Just then a kid walks up and hands the clerk money for a candy bar.
  The clerk instinctively rings up the sale and the cash draw pops open. Oops! Embarrassed, the clerk says, "I'm sorry," but Baghead is so confused he turns and runs out of the store.
  Following company policy the clerk locks the front door and calls 911. The cops take the camera tape to the precinct and find that the entire baghead incident is recorded -- including Clyde walking into the store without a bag over his head.
  This act of genius gets a big laugh at the cop shop. A few days later Clyde is arrested on a misdemeanor charge and confesses that he is the baghead bandit. Now Clyde faces a charge of attempted robbery and has earned the right to do time behind bars.

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