May 01, 2011

Tattoo tells it all

  Tony is a member of the Rivera-13 gang. He’s serving time in a California prison, according to CBS News and the Associated Press.
  Now he has a cellmate, but not just some ordinary con. This cellmate (Kevin) is actually a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s homicide investigator working undercover.
  What’s a cop doing in Tony’s cell? He’s in hopes of getting a confession to a major crime Tony is suspected of — the 2004 murder of a 23-year-old man in a liquor store. A major link between Tony and the murder is a photograph of a huge tattoo police have in their files.
  The tattoo depicts the murder scene including many details, like Christmas lights in the liquor store, a street sign outside, even how the body of the murdered man fell to the floor. At the top of the tattoo are the words, “Rivera kills,” which is the name of Tony’s gang. There’s also a sketch of a helicopter hovering above with bullets shooting down. “Chopper” is Tony’s gang name.
  Cops first examined the tattoo in 2008, but were unable to develop any substantial evidence connecting the tattoo with the suspected murderer. Now, with the aid of an undercover cellmate, it’s hoped the detective will be able to extract a needed full confession of the eleven-year-old crime.
  With the patience of the undercover cop, the plan works! Detective Kevin gets a full confession and Tony, alias “Chopper,” is convicted. He now awaits sentencing which should keep him in prison for an additional 65 years to life.
  All of this was made possible because of the killer’s arrogance in having the murder scene tattooed on his own chest for all to see. How brilliant!
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