April 17, 2011

A clue cops love

  It’s the end of March when two young men force their way into a home in East Charlotte, North Carolina. They separate the man and woman and force the man through one room after another to locate valuables.
  One of the invaders, we’ll call him Johnny, takes jewelry and a wallet, but neither the man or woman is hurt. Something strange about the apparent leader of the two invaders. He’s wearing a black tee shirt with a large picture screen-printed on it.
  After the two intruders get all they want they leave. Many times this type of crime is difficult to solve -- but the cops are going to get help from a source they don’t expect.
  Less than a week after the home invasion, WBT-TV news reports that Charlotte police have arrested the lead invader and charged him with the home invasion. How did the cops find him so fast? From the photograph on his tee shirt -- the one he took off and left on the floor during the East Charlotte home invasion.
  According to the website “SmokingGun,” Johnny had his prison mugshot silk-screened on a black tee shirt.
  Johnny had been released from a North Carolina prison several months before the Charlotte home invasion. In prison he had served seven years for armed robbery and breaking and entering.
  At the time of his arrest for the Charlotte home invasion, he’d only been out of prison for four months.
  One more detail: the caption with Johnny’s mug shot read: “Making money is my thang.”
  Maybe Johnny should get a new tee shirt printed with a new caption: “Back in the slammer is what I do!”

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