March 27, 2011

Are we having fun at the wedding?

  A Cajun wedding in Houma, Louisiana, turns into a riot when the groom and the bride's brother have too much to drink.  Family members call 911, and an ambulance is dispatched to the neighborhood outdoor wedding melee.
  Some of the wedding party guests mistake the ambulance EMTs for cops and start swinging fists at them. The EMTs call for backup and within a few minutes several squad cars arrive and cops jump out to calm the outrageous marriage festivities.
  That's when the party really gets rolling. The bride's brother, we'll call him Boudreaux, does not take kindly to cops interfering with his sister's wedding, so he starts swinging at the uniformed lawmen. That's when the cops haul out their tasers. Boudreaux gets zapped and goes down for the count.
  That encounter stirs up more trouble and other members of the wedding party begin advancing on the cops. As the party action escalates, more police backup is called for on the radio. This time a police K-9 unit arrives as part of the backup.
  The crowd begins backing away from the growling police dogs. About that same time, brother Boudreaux awakens from his taser slumber.
  Now he's really upset and charges the cops once again. You guessed it -- Boudreaux gets zapped in the chest for the second time and goes down and out. This time the bride's sleeping brother gets to wear a pair of shiny police bracelets and is carried to the back seat of a police cage unit.
  It takes a while, but eventually everybody calms down. Maybe that’s because half the wedding party is being carted off to a Louisiana jail.

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