February 20, 2011

Carter’s foolproof plan

  Carter has a scrap book of news stories about bank robberies. It contains clippings from newspapers and notes from TV reports. He plans to benefit from the mistakes of other bank robbers.
  Carter considers his plan foolproof. He's forgotten the old saying, "Make something foolproof and they'll build a better fool."
  The day of Carter's bank robbery arrives. He parks his gray Buick across the street and down a few doors from the bank. He hangs a towel out of the trunk to cover the license plate.
  Carter enters the bank wearing a red t-shirt, light blue slacks and a white sailor hat. There isn't a bank teller in town that can forget that combination of clothing.
  Once inside, Carter hands a note to the teller: "I have a gun — give me the money." The teller studies the note but Carter's handwriting is so bad she can't read a word of it. Quickly, Carter grabs the note and reads it to her. She complies by stuffing money into a plastic bank bag.
  Carter runs from the bank, darts across the street to his car and climbs into the trunk to change clothing. That's Carter's plan. He'll change from his distinctively flashy colored clothing into something drab so he won't be recognized as the bank robber.
  His plan is working. Well, almost. Carter's heart sinks when he hears a "click." That's the sound of his trunk lid closing — and locking. Remember I told you Carter had a Buick? This model has a feature that allows the trunk lid to close and lock once you lower it to within a few inches of the closed position. It's automatic.
  Carter's frantic banging and yelling finally attracts the attention of a cadre of police officers — the same guys who are out looking for the bank robber — the bank robber dressed exactly like Carter.

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