January 03, 2011

Call the Cops is now available for Kindle

Good news - The Call the Cops blog is now available for direct delivery to your Kindle every week. And coming soon: A “sampler” collection of Call the Cops stories as a Kindle e-book.
When you subscribe to the Kindle edition of the blog, you'll get the blog stories you see here, delivered direct to your Kindle every week, with no searching or remembering required. To subscribe, click on the title above. Or take yourself to Amazon.com, select “Kindle store” as your search area, and type “Call the Cops blog” in the search field.
You don't even have to have a Kindle to read Kindle publications. Amazon's got a way for you to read them on your computer.
It's too bad that Amazon is megalomaniac about pricing for blog subscriptions. They decide the price, based on some top-secret formula. They sometimes change the price, for reasons they refuse to reveal. And the publisher (that would be me) has absolutely no input on the price. *I* want you to have the Kindle subscription to Call the Cops for 99 cents a month, but Amazon in its secret wisdom has declared that it will cost $1.99 a month. Unless they change their minds.
Of course, you can read each week's Call the Cops story here for FREE, and even subscribe here for FREE to have the blog delivered to your email inbox.
Keep an eye out ... or BOLO, in cop-speak ... for the soon-to-launch Call the Cops “sampler collection” e-book on Amazon for 99 cents, and for a longer Call the Cops collection for $2.99.
And be careful out there, crazy crooks are liable to make you laugh yourself silly.

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