December 12, 2010

Egbert’s Mom is a squealer!

  A guy breaks into an elementary school in Georgia, according to the Athens Banner and Herald. The burglar is rummaging around in a classroom full of laptop computers when the cops arrive in response to an alarm.
  The burglar takes of running. Racing through the cafeteria he dumps large pans and utensils on the floor to slow down the cops chasing him.
  The burglar eventually escapes through a window, runs into a nearby wooded area and escapes. During cleanup, the cops find a cell phone on the floor along the escape trail run by the vandal.
  A detective thinks it'll be easy to identify the owner. All he has to do is contact the cell phone provider. Turns out it's not that easy — the cell phone is a "prepaid" phone, purchased for cash and activated with no identification required. It's the same kind of transaction terrorists use in buying cell phones. The owner remains a mystery.
  Not easily discouraged, the detective looks at the contacts listed on the cell phone. One of the listings is "Ma." The detective figures it's worth a try and calls Ma's number.
  "Hi, this is Tony out at the mall," says the detective in a light hearted manner. "I found this cell phone on the floor in front of the pizza place here at the mall. I figured you might know who the phone belongs to."
  The woman says, "That's probably my son Egbert's  phone." Then she gives the caller her son's address without realizing she's talking to a police detective. Several hours later, when Egbert returns to his residence, there's a reception committee of cops waiting for him.
  Later, the detective notices that the ring tone on Egbert's cell phone is, "Bad boy, bad boy — whatcha gonna do."


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