June 13, 2010

Money To Go


  Darrell and his other brother, Darrell, are facing the summer with a shortage of cash. Some brothers might approach such a dilemma by looking for yard work. I’ve even seen signs in my newspaper box that advertised, “Two boys and a mower.”
  But these two are not nearly industrious enough to look for actual work. This day they’re considering gangsterism as a substitute for enterprise in order to  obtain emergency funds.
  The Darrell brothers, who live in Bridgeport, Connecticut, telephone the Community Bank in nearby Fairfield. The brothers, alternating on the telephone, tell a bank official that they want a plastic bag filled with unmarked bills -- “and no tricks! We’ll be in to pick up the money at exactly 3 o’clock.”
  Even though Darrell and Darrell have a history of never being anywhere on time, they manage to arrive at the bank at exactly 3 p.m. Darrell is driving and his other brother, Darrell, is riding “shotgun” as they say in the underworld.
  The boys wheeled into the Community Bank parking lot in their 1978 Toyota Tercel only to find themselves blocked -- front and back -- by a cadre of cops.
  Let me point out that no firearms were found in either brother’s possession. The only guns in the parking lot were those in the hands and holsters of the police department.
  The police sergeant in charge of the team of cops surrounding the bank parking lot tells a reporter from The Connecticut Post that the brothers did not appear to be very bright -- or dangerous. It took the sergeant a few minutes to get the boys to hush up long enough for him to advise them that “they have the right to remain silent.”
  It’s unclear what charges, if any, the cops plan to file against the boys. Darrell and Darrell did tell the cops they planned to pay the bank back all the money as soon as they get jobs. Anybody want to make these young boys a job offer?

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