May 16, 2010

Not the best hiding place

  Nathan, known by his buddies at Nat, is on the run from the cops in northeastern Indiana. This was last week. He’s been operating a meth lab -- that’s a clandestine laboratory that manufactures the deadly drug, methamphetamine.
  Nate’s car gives out and now he’s on foot trying to outrun the cops and K9s. Not an easy thing to do. But Nate does manage to find a pretty good hiding place, although it’s not one I’d have picked.
  The pursuing deputies are almost ready to give up the chase when one of the dogs bays near a barnyard. Deputies move into the area and after a careful search a sergeant spots Nate under a wooden ledge.
  Actually, what the sergeant spots is Nat’s head. The rest of Nat is not visible because he’s standing in a five foot deep pile of liquid cow and hog manure. Yuck!
  Details of how the cops got Nate out of that odoriferous pile are not clear, but I’ll bet several of the cops had to go home and take a shower soon after Nat’s arrest.
  Even after he was arrested Nat was fisty and difficult to handle so deputies tasered him and the electrical shock knocked him down and momentarily paralyzed him. At that point he was handcuffed. The report did not identify the deputy who managed to put the cuffs on him.
  Appearing before a magistrate in Steuben County, Nate is ordered held without bond because he’s already missed court dates in February and March.  
  Finally locked up in the town of Albion, the jailhouse crew refers to their newest stinky prisoner as “Nasty Nat.”

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