April 18, 2010

Grass is greener over there

  Jarvis and three of his friends are out joy-riding after helping themselves to a Mercedes Benz parked in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, according to the Columbus Dispatch. It isn’t long before Jarvis realizes a black & white is following close behind him. After the cops get radio confirmation of a stolen car, on goes the blue light and a chase begins.
  Jarvis handles the car pretty well, but his passengers are nervous because Jarvis doesn’t seem to be shaking the cops who are in hot pursuit. By now the chase has led into Garfield Heights, a suburb of Cleveland.
  Up ahead Jarvis sees what looks like a wooded area just beyond a cyclone fence. Jarvis yells, “You’re all on your own,” as he skids the car to a sudden stop and jumps out. Jarvis and his buddy both head for the wooded area ahead. But first there’s this fence.
  No problem, both young men easily scale the fence and continue running -- until they come face-to-face with three big guys. Turns out they are prison guards. What Jarvis doesn’t know is that after he scaled the fence he jumped onto turf owned and operated by the State of Ohio Women’s Prison system.
  You can look at this incident in several ways. Some folks might call this the result of a “speedy trial,” while others might laud the cops for saving lots of paper work and taxpayer money. The other passengers, the two who didn’t climb the fence or run from the cops, are whimpering in the back seat of the Mercedes. They know what’s ahead for them. Even though Jarvis is the one who stole the car, the others are willing confederates. As the saying goes, in the commission of a crime, “The hand of one is the hand of all.”

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