March 28, 2010

No luck for this Irishman

  A leprechaun walks into a bank on Saint Patrick’s Day in Gallatin, Tennessee. A reporter from The Gallatin Newspaper says witnesses described the figure as, “A wee lad wearing a tall green top hat, a long dark jacket and a fake beard. We were all staring at him and figured he had come to rob the bank. It looked like he had a gun under his jacket.”
  Seeing too many observers, the leprechaun does an about face and marches a few doors down the street into The First State Bank on Nashville Pike.
  Moments later the leprechaun comes running out of that bank carrying a canvas bag. Somebody from inside the bank runs out yelling, “We’ve been robbed.”
  The naughty leprechaun jumps into a waiting car with a getaway driver and the twosome speed off. Two Gallatin Police cars and Sumner County deputies are soon in hot pursuit. The robbers fire shots at the cops and blow out one of the tires in a patrol car.
  A few miles out of town the bandits ditch their car and begin running, with the money-bag, across an open field near Cambridge Farms. The bank robbers turn and repeatedly fire back at the pursuing cops.
  Bullets fill the air, and within minutes two bank robbers lie dead -- one from a police bullet and the other from a self-inflicted gunshot. None of the cops is hurt and all of the bank money is recovered.
  The getaway driver is a young man from nearby Brentwood and the would-be leprechaun turns out to be a student from Western Kentucky University.

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