February 28, 2010

Technology to the rescue

  Heard an interesting story on “The Huckabee Report” the other day about a guy whose cell phone was stolen from his car parked in a downtown area.
  Thornton, the victim of this theft, remembered he had a GPS feature in his phone. He drove straight home and got on his computer. Using the GPS software he got with the cell phone, Thornton was able to pinpoint the exact location of his stolen phone -- within 10 feet of it, anyway.
  With that done, Thornton went to Google maps and entered the address where the stolen phone was pinpointed, at least for the moment.
  Using Google, Thornton saw the aerial view of the house but opted, instead, for the street view which showed the house as anybody would see it driving by. He printed the “street view” map.
  Back in his car, Thornton headed for downtown and the city police department. He finally got an interview with a detective who seemed interested in Thornton’s technology.
  Thornton was able to provide the cops with his cell phone model number and service provider plus GPS information.
He explained to the detective exactly how he had followed the electronic trail of the purloined cell phone.
  Armed with the address where the cell phone was now located, together with a street-view picture of the house, police were able to obtain a warrant and then raided the place.
  The raid was successful. Thornton’s cell phone was recovered and the thief was arrested on the spot. There was a bonus for the cops. During a search of the house they found cell phones and other identifiable stolen property that lead to the eventual closure of six additional criminal cases.
  Note: The “street view” feature is not yet available in all areas.

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