September 06, 2009

Cybercops at work

  Kids at the E.L. Broder Middle School are getting the thrill of their young lives at career day. One of the exhibits on the campus is a police patrol car equipped with the latest in law enforcement technology. The highlight of the show is an on-board computer.
  One of the parents, a guy named Jake, is dragged by one of his kids to the squad car. He strikes up a conversation with the two cops assigned to the unit.
  “Fancy stuff for a couple of country cops,” Jake says, laughingly. Jake prides himself on knowing something about computers. A prolific internet surfer, Jake brags to anybody who’ll listen about his expertise in cyberspace.
  The tall cop says, “Yes, it is kind of fancy, but we manage to keep up with it. Would you like to see a computer demonstration?”
  Jake doesn’t expect such a friendly response, at least not from a country cop. “Sure, show me some high-tech cop stuff,” says Jake.
  “I’ll need to see your driver’s license,” the cop says.
  Jake is a bit surprised at that request, but with his little kid watching he digs into his wallet and hands over his license. Getting so up-close and personal with cops is making Jake a bit nervous. He now regrets ever asking for a demonstration.
  Minutes later the cops are no longer smiling. They move in close to Jake. One cop in front and the other in back  of Jake. “Place both hands on the hood of the car and spread your legs,” one of the cops says. Next thing Jake knows, he’s handcuffed and sitting in the back of the patrol car.
  Jake’s driver’s license identifies him. The computer additionally flags 14 arrest warrants for Jake ranging from grand larceny to check fraud.
  Arrangements are made for Jake’s wife to come pick up the kids. As the patrol car pulls away, one of the cops looks around at Jake: “Isn’t this cybercop stuff fun?”

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