September 20, 2009

Classic Three Stooges

  These guys must look like Larry, Moe and Curly trying to squeeze through the revolving door entrance to the bank -- all at the same time. They aren’t really The Three Stooges, but they’re three of the stupidest-looking would-be bank robbers since banks were invented.
  What makes this situation really pitiful is that several members of the bank staff help extricate these dummies from the revolving door where they’re stuck.
  The bunglers immediately leave the bank — one at a time  — then regroup outside in the parking lot. They are embarrassed. But apparently not too embarrassed because they turn right around and come back into the bank, this time in single file. Their intent? Robbery, of course.
  Their routine is so improbable that none of the bank employees really believes them when they announce, “This is a stick-up — give us $10,000 in cash — please!”
  Bank employees look at each other and start laughing. “Is somebody taping ‘America’s Funniest Videos?’ ”
  “No, this must be the son of Alan Funt filming for ‘Candid Camera.’ ” The bank manager laughs so hard she gets a stitch in her side.
  Now the tall guy vaults over the counter, but his trousers snag on a sign that reads: “We are here to serve you; let’s get started.” That’s not part of the robbery scheme; it’s the bank’s slogan.
  While the fallen robber struggles on the floor with his injured ankle, the two other dunces decide to beat a hasty retreat back to the parking lot. Trouble is, they start through the revolving door at the same time. It didn’t work before — it doesn’t work this time either.
  No weapons are involved, but each of these stooges gets eight years for bank robbery.


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