June 07, 2009

Bank robber’s poor judgement

  Last week a guy we'll call Dewey robs a California National Bank branch in Pasadena. Bank officials don't say how much money he got, but he leaves the bank with a plastic bag loaded with the green stuff.
  As the bank bandit heads out on his escape route, a witness to the holdup decides to follow him but at a safe distance. The bandit must realize he's being tailed, because instead of going directly to his car (later found by the cops) he runs for several blocks then darts into an office building.
  At that point the pursuing witness calls 911 to report the bank robber's progress. Moments later several squad cars pull up in front of the office building and a cadre of cops fan out.
  Shortly after the cops' arrival the bank robber appears at the edge of the roof of the parking garage next to the office building. The bandit is five stories up. Now there are cops on the ground below him and cops in the parking garage behind him.
  The witness says the bandit has nowhere to go. But the bandit makes a choice nobody anticipates. He can throw up his hands and surrender up there on the roof.
  Not this guy! Instead, he leaps off the edge of the roof and plummets five stories down to a concrete slab on the ground.
  We may never know what was on this guy's mind -- whether he thought he could make the jump or if this was an act of suicide.
  He doesn't succeed at either -- escape or suicide. Instead, he breaks both legs and various other bones in his body and remains in critical condition in a hospital.
  Cops scour the parking garage and recover every dollar of the bank's money hidden under a car on the third floor.

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