May 03, 2009

Victim serves tea to deputies

  Donnie Ray is already on six months’ probation for a charge of domestic violence. Now Alabama sheriff’s deputies are looking for the 44-year-old husband attempting to serve him with court papers ordering him to stay away from his wife.
  What deputies do not know is that Donnie Ray has already paid a visit to his wife at her home near Birmingham. That’s a violation of an earlier court order.
  During this latest visit to his wife, Donnie Ray turns the gun on himself and commits suicide. But before he does that, Donnie Ray first shoots his wife, Nell, once in forehead.
  Neighbors, hearing gunshots coming from the couple’s house, call the cops. When deputies arrive at the scene they find Donnie Ray dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Checking the rest of the house deputies discover Nell sitting on a chair in the kitchen holding a bloody rag against her forehead. She seems somewhat confused but she is conscious, despite her wound.
  The sheriff says the woman was boiling water and asked one of his deputies if he “cared for some tea?” Although the woman seemed somewhat subdued, “she had not forgotten about her manners,” a deputy said.
  When the wounded woman put down the bloody rag deputies noticed she’d been shot once in the middle of the forehead. The bullet exited through the back of her head.
  Medical authorities later said that although the bullet passed completely through her skull, it apparently caused “no major damage.” The woman was admitted to a Birmingham area hospital where she remained in stable condition.

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