March 15, 2009

These dogs are really hot

Cops in Bridgewater, New Jersey, are investigating a house-breaking in
which eight guns are taken, according to the Courier-News. Gun thefts
get lots of attention these days because of what's happening with
firearms all over the country.
The only thing stolen from this middle class home in central Jersey are
three handguns and five long guns. These are hunting and target rifles,
not assault weapons. That's all the burglars took. Cops believe the
burglars knew exactly what they were looking for.
The home owners have a high-school-aged son but he say he never talks
about his dad's guns outside the home.
Another thing that puzzles detectives is the fact that the family pet, a
large Lab, reportedly made no fuss during the afternoon of the break-in.
Neighbors on both sides of the burgled house say they didn't hear the
dog barking at all on the day in question.
A detective checks the doghouse in the back yard and finds an empty
hotdog wrapper. He shows the wrapper to the family, but they tell him
it's not theirs -- it's a brand they never buy.
Cops canvass area grocery stores until they find a nearby convenience
store that stocks the brand in question. Detective ask to see the
store's surveillance tapes. Screening the tapes, they find images of two
young guys buying a package of hotdogs on the morning of the break-in.
It takes some work, but cops find both guys -- one 20 and the other 18.
They are, unquestionably, the same people from the video tape.
Cops get warrants for a search of the suspects' residences and recover
all eight of the stolen guns. Pretty good police work -- but they're
still puzzling over how the burglars knew the guns were there in the
first place.

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