December 28, 2008

Count his IQ with two fingers

  The man in the work shirt with the name "Wendell" stitched over the right pocket points a small caliber hand gun at the convenience store clerk. "Gimme the money."

  The clerk tells the holdup man he can't open the cash register because it's on a "time lock." So outrageous is his lie, the clerk breaks out in a cold sweat, fearing the gunman might know the truth.

  But Wendell the holdup guy can count his I.Q. on only two fingers. Not to be outwitted, though, he grabs the cash register in a bear hug — gun still in hand — and backs away from the counter.

  "Don't call the cops or try to follow me," Wendell says. That's when the length of the power cord runs out, jerking the cash register out of Wendell's arms. The cash register, the gun all come crashing down on the floor.

  Wendell jerks the power cord out of its socket, grabs a NASCAR coffee mug from a counter display, and gives the clerk a silly smirk.

  Wendell picks up his "stuff" and backs out of the store, almost losing the cash register and gun again as the door nearly closes on the dangling cord.

  The fleeing bandit heads across the parking lot, and disappears into the darkness of the woods. The clerk locks the door and calls 911. He knows to lock all doors after a holdup to preserve evidence, like possible fingerprints.

  Deputies arrive and know immediately that luck is smiling upon them. When the door nearly closed on Wendell the holdup guy, it did close on the end of the cash register tape. Two bloodhounds arrive moments later and are led to the end of the register tape trail where they are given the order, "seek."

  The small posse follows the dogs through a short stand of trees, into a clearing and then a trailer park. The dogs immediately begin barking at a small trailer.

  A deputy bangs on the door with the heel of his nine-cell flashlight. "Police. Open up!"

  A man wearing blue jeans and a work shirt with the name "Wendell" stitched over the pocket comes to the door. "You all just woke me up out of a sound sleep," he says, faking a wide yawn.

  The deputies look past Wendell. There on the kitchen table is a cash register, a small handgun, and a NASCAR coffee mug.

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